Out of 78 RN programs in the state, ranked the top 30 nursing schools in Illinois by analyzing current and historical National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) pass rates.

For three consecutive years, MacMurray College has had a 100 percent pass rate on the first attempt taking the exam. The national average for first time pass rates on the NCLEX-RN is 88 percent for U.S. educated students according to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing.

“The pass rates reflect the student’s level of knowledge and readiness to care for patients at an entry level and directly correlates to the quality of the college’s curriculum,” Angela Pierson, director of nursing at MacMurray, said. 

99r8这是只有精品视频2019_成年男人午夜片A certain percentage of students passing the NCLEX the first time is required for accreditation and Pierson added that these statistics are viewed by potential students as well as other nursing programs interested in knowing who is producing nurses that are prepared for today’s societal demands. 

“It is a good feeling to know that MacMurray’s nursing program surpasses the national average and ranks number one,” Pierson said. “This is accomplished with the hard work of experienced faculty who focus on each student, assuring mastery of content and an ability to pass the exam.”

99r8这是只有精品视频2019_成年男人午夜片’s methodology stems from the importance of the NCLEX. This exam is used by all state boards of nursing across the United States to help assess a student's competency and is required for licensure. also notes that many state boards of nursing use the total overall NCLEX pass rates for a school as one of the main ways to approve a school's ability to provide a nursing education in the state. “This is why we feel the NCLEX-RN pass rates are one of the best ways to determine a nursing program's student preparedness, and that is why we decided to rank them using this method.”

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