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@Mac, the College's monthly e-newsletter, is sent to alumni and friends once a month. This communication piece is a good way to stay connected to the College, learn about upcoming events and read news from the institution. To sign up, fill in and submit the form below.

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MacNews is published bi-annually by the MacMurray College Office of Communications and Marketing in collaboration with the Office of Alumni Relations and is mailed to MacMurray alumni and friends of the College. Issues of MacNews include news of class activities, athletics, academics, features about college life, special announcements and individual items of interest. Possible story ideas are welcomed and should be forwarded to the Alumni Office. News Notes (and pictures if available) should be sent to the Alumni Office at the address below or by using our information form.

Office of Alumni Relations
MacMurray College
447 East College Avenue
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If you have questions with regards to MacNews, please contact the Alumni Office.

Online archives are available below as low-resolution PDFs as well as on Issuu. For later issues, please contact the Alumni Office.

From the Archives — Alumnae News and Record

The Alumnae News and Record was the quarterly alumnae magazine that began in 1922 when the original alumnae magazine, College Greetings, changed to a student newspaper. The magazine has had many title and format changes from magazine to newspaper, reverting back to magazine with its current title, Mac News.

To see digital copies of Alumnae News and Record through the years, visit our , maintained by the MacMurray College Archives.