Transcript Request

99r8这是只有精品视频2019_成年男人午夜片MacMurray College makes a reasonable effort to provide transcripts quickly. Each student's transcript request is equally important and requests are processed in the order they are received. Transcript requests are normally processed in 1-2 business days, not including the date received. Transcripts are not processed over the weekend or during College holidays.

Official Transcripts through Parchment

You must order your transcript directly through the Parchment electronic service.

  1. Set up an account at the .
  2. Follow the on-site directions to submit orders.

99r8这是只有精品视频2019_成年男人午夜片Your legal signature is required to release a transcript which is collected by Parchment, so MacMurray cannot accept requests by phone. Ordering in person or by mail, fax, or email also is no longer available. You must submit a Parchment request, pay the transcript fee and resolve any outstanding holds at MacMurray before we can release transcripts to Parchment for delivery.

All transcripts, including those sent directly to you, require the same processing. Transcripts through Parchment are a total of $15 including their fee. Additional delivery options through Parchment are ordered and paid through them.

Walk-ins will be asked to log onto Parchment and order electronically in order to keep FERPA records up to date. For further information or in case of problems, please contact One-Stop Student Services.

What is the difference between an unofficial and official transcript?

An official transcript includes a seal and signature of the registrar as well as all of your coursework and degree information. Schools tend to charge for these transcripts to be processed. Some students request the transcript be mailed directly to them. If you do, do not open the envelope, as it will make the transcript no longer official. Therefore, it is not advised to have an official transcript emailed to you.

99r8这是只有精品视频2019_成年男人午夜片If you want a copy of your transcript for your own personal use, an unofficial version is fine. An unofficial transcript is usually an online version with just a list of credits and grades. There is no signature, seal or information on your full degree.

Transcript Hold

A hold will stop you from either registering, getting a copy of your transcript or both. A registration or transcript hold is placed on your student record if you have an outstanding financial obligation to the College or have not met a particular enrollment requirement. A hold is not removed until you resolve the problem which caused the issuing department to place the hold on your record. If you have a hold on your student record, contact One-Stop Student Services to resolve the issue.

Replacement Diplomas

99r8这是只有精品视频2019_成年男人午夜片If you need to order a replacement diploma, mail a request to One-Stop Student Services and include the following information:

99r8这是只有精品视频2019_成年男人午夜片Payment must be received in advance. There will be a 4-6 week processing period.

Mail the request to:
MacMurray College
One-Stop Student Services
447 East College Avenue
Jacksonville, IL 62650