The Health Services Office is located in the Gamble Campus Center within the Office of Student Life. The Coordinator of Health Services is available Monday through Friday during the academic year and provides health education and one-to-one assessment on a walk-in basis as well as health promotion through campus activities with students. Over-the-counter medications can be administered for minor illnesses such as colds, sore throats, fever, blisters, minor cuts, allergies and mild gastrointestinal disturbances. Students may also be referred when necessary to a physician, hospital and/or counseling service when appropriate. Confidentiality in regards to visits is always maintained.

99r8这是只有精品视频2019_成年男人午夜片Students who seek outside care must make sure that they have their parent or legal guardian's insurance information with them. This may include an actual card or a photo copy of both sides of the insurance card. Physicians filling prescriptions may need to see a copy of the student's schedule or other items as proof of college enrollment, depending on the insurance company. Some companies require this every semester. Many insurance companies issue new cards on a yearly basis, and orders may not be processed if the student does not have an updated card.


The mission of the Office of Health Services is to promote and educate students in regards to healthy lifestyle choices that will assist with academic and intellectual potential. Health Services will offer support to the student to positively affect their future by educating and encouraging intellectual growth on global health issues and the importance of making sound medical and personal decisions.

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99r8这是只有精品视频2019_成年男人午夜片Health Services is located in the Gamble Campus Center on the first floor, within the Office of Student Life.

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